Gary Kramer Guitars: Kramertorium – Yella Terra

Sleeker than a Randy Rhodes

Surely this shape has to make the lads at Jackson and Mr Rhodes jealous. Sleek and pointy. New V shape for the current decade but with all the good hardware that make rock and metal guitars great.

The Kramertorium is equipped with the ever rocking EMG pickup combo: 81/85 for neck and bridge. And Sturdy recessed bridge with Whammy bar that will make Floyd Rose jealous!

The Neck is constructed in Maple with 24 Frets that are jumbo sized for your playing pleasure.

The guitars all come in a two tone colour. Meaning the back colour is different to the front:

Body is constructed from Mahogany and you can tell this guitar was made for playing all 24 frets, look at the lower cutaway very easy to reach.

You can find out more about Gary Kramer guitars at GKG Guitars

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