Aristrides 010 Black – From brutal depths of Hell!

Sleek, Super Strat’ish in appearance with some sharp ridges that make this unique shape stand out above guitars that derive the super strat shape to add unique charm.

First up lets take a closer look at the pickups. A guitar of looking this metal would typically hail a combination of EMG’s however Aristrides decided to go with some Seymour Duncan’s for bridge (Seymour TB-5, used by Lamb Of God) and Seymour APS-2rwrp (middle), and APS-2 (neck). This provides the Aristrides 010 with some fantastic versatility.

The bits and bobs keeping it in tune are tuners by Sperzel and also has tremelo bridge by Gotoh. Neck is C shaped but has only 22 Frets.

With this unique guitar coming in at 3300 Euros one would be devastated should it go missing. Luckily Aristrides had the forethought to include a Snagg Microchip to enable easy location should your guitar end up at a pawn shop.

Lovely bit of kit you can find more info at Aristrides Instruments

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