AF Guitars Sakura : Cute like a cherry blossom Rocks even better!

Sakura Blue

Sweeping PRS esque curves

Comes from England courtesy of and comes with a choice of Solid (chambered) or Svelte (semi-hollow) body with “f hole” , hard tail or vibrato bridge,

Top woods are only used in construction, mahogany body with flame/quilted maple tops as standard.

This one in particular now resides with Bare Knuckle pickups and has moved across the pond to some where in the US. Lucky lad or ladette who owns this one!


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Halo Satyr – Good Looking Goat!

In Roman mythology a Satyr is a humanoid looking creature with hooves and horns like a goat also occasionally depicted as having a wine glass as a phallus. However this guitar looks much better:

Halo Satyr

Satyr has maximum chunk and sustain for aggressive rhythm style guitar playing

Comes with Halo Guitar’s Halo Bucker pickup however can be ordered with EMG’s as an option.

Constructed from mahogany even in its entry model and also comes in White & Silver.

Inlays are cross-bones ARRRRRR!

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ESP LTD MAX-600 Max Cavalera Signature – Mad Max!

Check this beasty out:

Mad Max Axe

Sharp, Pointy, Got Camo. Looks Metal. One thing it has that’s different from other ESPs is it uses a single Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup instead of what ESP would usually use: EMG pickups.

Body is made of alder instead of traditional mahogany. People may disagree but it doesn’t make a big difference.

Cooorrrr. Look at the Inlays as well! Brootal.

Wicked guitar for any rhythm player.

Tech specs:

Alder body, Maple Neck, Seymour Duncan Distortion Pickups, Grover Tuners, Toms Bridge

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Furst Pawst!

Welcome to Crazy Guitars. Wanted to start a blog about really cool looking guitars! Mostly customs, That are still usable/playable.

Anyways if you like my content please subscribe and if you have a cool crazy guitar yourself send me photos!

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